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Commited to developing Sierra Leone

Through partnerships, private and public sector collaborations


On the ground support and technology services

Our satellite office is located on the sunny/tropical west coast of Africa overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. From this office, we bring incredible solutions to the Sierra Leonean market as well as the surrounding subregion.


Solutions for Africa

We build products to support the local business environment


Shares Manager

Shares Manager is an enterprise cloud-hosted multi-tenant system for managing shareholders and their shares for an organization.

The system tracks batches of shares that are allocated by the executive branch or board of an organization, including the tracking of transfers, purchases and other relevant shares management and transactional operations of the organization and its shareholders.


Bureau Manager

This system is used to run a currency exchange bureau or any foreign exchange transaction business.

As with all of our systems, the system is web-based and provides a money exchange business the ability to capure all money transactions, payouts, currency purchases and more.


Tax Master

This system was developed for the National Revenue Authority (NRA) of the government of Sierra Leone as an online web application to collect taxes from taxpayers.
The system provides the necessary mechanisms to capture all forms of taxation from Goods and Services Tax (GST) to PAYE and other income taxes, including taxpayer registration and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) applications.


IT Services

We provide full IT Solutions/Services where organizations can outsource their entire IT support services to our organization. 

We perform full IT services including managing your network, security, assets management and ensure that your users are best served.

Technology Consultancy

Our technology consulting services are there to support you in the adoption or review of technologies.

We bring the independent voice of reasoning and guidance that you need to move forward with technologies.

Infrastructure Services

Our infrastructure services cover a wide range of services such as Microsoft SharePoint installation, Electronic Records Management Systems (ERMS), ERP solutions, Banking and financial solutions and more.

We also build physical infrastructures upon which our enterprise solutions run.

Software Development

We develop software solutions that address the unique and specific issues pertinent to the terrain.

Our Shares Management, Exchange Bureau Management, Payroll Management and other software solutions were uniquely developed to support the local environment.

Technology Training

Training is a key pillar of the services that we provide. We train our customers on every service that we provide.

We also provide training on so many other software systems including but not limited to Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, and much more.

Technology Procurement

We assist companies in the procurement of IT assets (both hardware and software).

In an environment where sub par components prevail, we take pride in our commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality components possible. We therefore stand firmly behind every solution we provide.


Our experience building virtualized platforms goes back to early 2005.

Our organization implemented and runs a private cloud on a datacenter that we built ourselves and has been in operation since 2005. This platform runs our entire company and all of our software development assets.

OC Associates (SL) Ltd
3 Soldier Street
Freetown, Sierra Leone
West Africa 


Phone: +232 (22) 220 201
Phone: +232 (25) 454 242