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We are an Agile company ...

Agility is one of our core strengths. We work in concert with your team, schedule, requirements and budget to deliver remarkable solutions. We rely on our People and Processes to develop the Products that we deliver.

Development/Testing Tools

In addition to our personnel and processes, our tools provide the central glue in what we do.

Application Life Management

Our Application Life Management tool is the centerpiece of our work and our teams. This tool allows us to manage and collaborate efficiently and effectively thorughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Every piece of work is captured, tracked and processed through this system. Developers connect and work with the system directly from within their Integrated Development Environment (IDE) without ever needing to leave it while still providing the collaboration that the rest of the team needs.

Code Writing Tools

Our developers rely on their IDEs to develop cutting edge applications for the various platforms that we support.

We ensure that our team has the most up to date code writing tools which we do our best to standardize to minimize any unwanted effects and defects in the solutions that we develop.

Code editor

Test Management Tools

Quality assurance and control in a predictable and repeatable manner.

Test manager
Test manager

Team Collaboration

We foster team members collaboration including collaborating with our customers. In fact, we consider our team and our customer's team to be one cohesive team working together towards a common goal.

Fast Turnaround

With our seasoned Agile practice, our turn around rate using our piecemeal development approach is quite high.

This means that you get to see meaningful deliverables at a faster rate.

Customer Focus

For us, customer satisfaction is right up there with quality. Our goal is to ensure that you are happy with our solutions as well as our interactions with your team and management of the responsibilities that you entrust to us.

Development Process

Agility is our foundation

Working in tandem with our customers...

Agile scrum


Our team practices the Agile Scrum methodology which allows the team to build products incrementally with a high visibility. This process provides the necessary agility that our customers need to shape their solutions better.



Planning in our company is a team affair. This may also include the customer's team if the project requires it. Every member of the team provides valuable contribution from the start to the end of the development process.



In our product development cycles, we automate our delivery processes as we go through each iteration. This can be our on-premise deliveries as well as deliveries to our customers if the project requires it.

Uniform Development Platforms

Virtualization Platforms

Our teams work within our uniform virtualization platforms and private clouds.

Standard Workstations

In order to ensure a high quality in our development processes, we employ standard development environment with the right development and testing tools.

This allows us to minimize side effects that waste time and money as well as address development issues quickly. We tailor any workstation to suit the project at hand.

Automated Test Environments

We believe in working smart. For this reason, we develop automated tests as much and whenever possible to better manage the quality assurance process. This has the huge advantage that the validation and verification process becomes repeatable and predictable, thus ensuring a high quality as well as cost reduction.

Continuous Integration

We automate our build processes for all products that we develop. This allows us to have a consistent
Continuous Integration (CI) process that catches software build errors as well as other errors in a timely manner right at the instance a developer submits code changes to the system. This translates to reduce cost and a high quality.

Test Manager
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