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OC Associates LLC was founded in 1997 as an Information Technology (IT) company, located in sunny Texas. We live and breath software products development, the design and development of IT infrastructure services such as Microsoft SharePoint™, Cloud solutions and services, Virtualization platforms design and implementation built on VMWare® and Hyper-V® technologies, and much more.

We are a Microsoft™, VMWare™ and Oracle Partner™. This means that we bring cutting edge solutions to your business with the solid backing of our partners.


The three pillars of our organization


We believe in our people and they form the foundation of our organization.

We take their talents very seriously as well as their commitment to serving our customers and delivering on our promise and also the quality of our solutions.


Our processes form the second pillar of our organization.

Over the years, we have enhanced our processes to ensure that we are customer and quality focused as well as to foster a creative and innovative environment for our staff. We continue to strive for perfection from project to project.


We are always proud of our services and products that we build.

We stand behind every service, every product and every enterprise solution. This is why we are your partner in helping you promote and run your business while taking the burden of solution off you.

United States

1801 Red Bud Lane
Suite B-208
Roundrock, TX 78664


Phone: +1 (512) 763 2281  

Sierra Leone

3 Soldier Street,
Freetown, Sierra Leone
West Africa


Phone: +232 (22) 220 201
Phone: +232 (25) 454 242