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A Company You Need To Know

Our goal is to be your technology partner


We are an Information Technology company true and true. Our focus is to help empower your business with technology.

With services ranging from Cloud services, Infrastructure solutions such as Email, SharePoint, virtualization technologies, Software Development using Microsoft's and other technologies, IT Consulting and more. You can be assured that we add value and practical solutions to your business.


  1. INTEGRITY - this surpasses any financial gains, fortune or fame that we can ever possess. We strive to demonstrate and maintain our integrity with our clients at all times, match our behaviors with our words and take responsibility for our actions
  2. HONESTY - our word is our bond - not just with our clients, but also with every member of our team. We strive to be honest and upfront about our dealings with everyone who is associated with our business.
  3. QUALITY - we will do what we say and say what we do at all times. This is how the Project Management Institute (PMI) defines quality.
  4. RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL - we highly encourage and promote diversity and value everyone's unique contribution, fostering an open, trusting and inclusive environment and treating each person with value and respect.
  5. CLIENT VALUE CREATION - enabling our clients to become high-performance businesses and creating long-term relationships by being responsive, relevant, and by consistently delivering value on time and on budget.
  6. STEWARDSHIP - fulfilling our obligations to build a better and stronger company as well as contribute to the IT community through our experiences, training and performance. 
  7. COMMITMENT - this is the foundation upon which we build trust and long-term relationships with each member and our clients. Once we commit, we remain committed until the job is done. Our commitment to all the other values in our core values list is the pinnacle upon which we stand at all times.
  8. COLLABORATION - we foster strong collaboration with everyone involved in our work. We consider our clients to be partners in the work that we do for them. Therefore, we will always strive to strengthen our collaborative activities to ensure that our clients become part of our team and that we work together to empower your business through technology and our expertise.

Our Solution Partners


Customers demand quality. Therefore, we deliver quality and nothing less.

Our reputation demands that we produce quality solutions and satisfied customers. Therefore, our entire team is devoted to ensuring that you, our customer is fully satisfied.


Value does not necessarily mean poor quality or substandard solutions.

We provide a perfect balance of performance and price with solutions that meet our customers' requirements at all times. We do so with honesty, integrity, and commitment to full customer satisfaction.


We are your service provider, ready to provide service with our expertise.

We forge partnerships and long-term relationships with our customers. We do this through exemplary service and commitment to you our customer.

United States

1801 Red Bud Lane
Suite B-208
Roundrock, TX 78664


Phone: +1 (512) 763 2281  

Sierra Leone

3 Soldier Street,
Freetown, Sierra Leone
West Africa


Phone: +232 (22) 220 201
Phone: +232 (25) 454 242